Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, unto Him be the glory! Ephesians 3:20-21

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spinning Classes

Yesterday, I re-joined the gym.  It's less than 2 miles from our house.  I signed up for the spin classes only.

The year before last I did this same thing at about this same time of the year.  SO what? Well,  I really loved the spin classes.  Unfortunately,  the classes with the best leader is at 5:45 in the morning.   The other thing is  - as soon as I started taking the spin classes I started gaining my weight back.  My weight right now is pretty much exactly where I was last time  So the problem is I am scared that I will do exactly the same thing again and gain my weight back.

At that time, I would go, come home and be so hungry that I ended up eating more food than I usually would.  I do think my body needed more food - it is a 45 minute workout.  I just don't want to gain this weight back. 

So today, I didn't go to the class.   Excuses....  I have to get going to town early this am and I have a busy day today and I was up really late the night before.   The real excuse is, I'm scared to start!  BUT now I am paying money to do this!   I will go and I will enjoy (somewhat) the classes but I am nervous about the outcome.

I have watched/read the other bloggers that I read, write about their exercise "life" and thought I really should be doing something.  I know that finding time for exercise is something I do "for me" and it does make me feel sooo much better.  You'd think that would be enough to motivate me.  I would have liked to take up running if I could but I have a bad knee and I broke my ankle years back and I just can't run.  

Biking is the next best thing.   I want those biker LEGS!!  :)   So in someways I am excited about doing this again.  I still have my shorts, heart monitor and bike shoes...  I will pull those out and do my best to start this Thursday.  If not before.   My 16 year old daughter also signed up and maybe she will help me get going also. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

about time..

Lost this week!  Finally!!  .8 - not a huge amount but it's got me going again.  The paper trackers work for me.    Now if I can make it through the weekend with my best friend and our daughters.  We are having a mom/daughter weekend at Sandia Resort.  FUN FUN!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why mess around with what's working!

So a few a weeks ago I bought one of WW's 3 month tracker book AND the cute little cover to put it in.  I just love to accessorize!  Anyway, I've been carrying it around for about a month and have yet to track a full week in it.  I had gone16 weeks using the little "free" paper trackers and I tracked pretty much every single day.   Yesterday, I gave the cute little cover and 3month tracker to my daughter and went a pulled out a paper tracker and tracked everything for the day!  I feel so much better!! Haha!
You know it worked for 16+ weeks, why mess with a good thing.  Sometimes just a little thing can throw you off or help you get back on track.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Staying the's not so bad sometimes!

I think that if you stay at EXACTLY the same weight, in my case 175.4, for 3 straight weeks, there should be a BIG AWARD OR STAR STICKER from WW!!  there's not... BUT I guess my reward is GRACE because I should have gained and somehow didn't!!  So I am trying not to push my luck any longer and get this thing going again.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is this my Semi - Normal Life?

It seems like in the last month a lot of people have really been struggling with staying on track.  Some have been able to refocus and are now striving after that goal again.  I am still struggling.  I think mostly it is because I have been so out of schedule.  The move to the new house, summer, Kaycee being home (and then gone, then home and then gone again for 2 weeks) and now she is home and wanting to get her life going and figured out for the fall.  I just cant seem to find a routine for me!

 I am off track in so many things that I want and need to be doing.  Like having quiet time, reading my bible, writing down my 1000 gifts, taking my pills....  These are really essentials and I cant seem to get it all going again.  I'll do fine for a morning, maybe a day, and then I find myself off track again.  I feel like I have no control over my day.  It's being run partly by teenagers with VERY important things that we must do.  That's not all though.  I did take a weeks vacation with my husband while teenager #2 was in Guatemala.  We have celebrated teenager #2 turning 16 with 2 different parties now.  ( I think we are done with that ) Just a lot of different, out of the ordinary stuff going on.  Or is it???
I am trying to give myself a break and tell myself that all this will straighten out and we will be back to a semi - normal lifestyle soon.  But then, I really think that "this" is my semi-normal lifestyle and I need to figure out how to stay on track with everything that is really important in the midst of all this.  Deep down I am afraid I will not get my focus back and I'll gain all the weight I've lost back and have to start over yet another time!! As of last Saturday I had stayed steady on the scales ( kinda like maintenance ) but I feel myself slipping.  I don't want to start over!!!!

Another change that is happening is that teenager #2 has decided that homeschooling was/is better than public school.  I AGREE!!  So she is going to home school her last two years at home.  She did very well at public school and we would have supported her if she had wanted to go back.  I am very glad she made this decision.  She has made some very mature decisions in the last few months and I am very proud of her.  But I have to change gears and add "homeschooling Mom" to my list once again.  ( I had forgotten the excitement of receiving "the curriculum" in the mail )

So, This is where I am at.  I haven't felt up to writing for several reasons -all this life craziness being one.  Another reason  is that after reading so many other blogs I feel like mine is so scattered and hard to read.  Most of these other blogs are so well written.  I feel like a first grader writing with a bunch of seniors!!   
When I started this blog I said that it was FOR ME  - so I could remember how I was feeling on this journey.  I need to remember that reason and stop comparing it to others.  Writing is not my gift but I do enjoy it.    So I am going to get this part of my life back on track and who knows maybe this blog was helping me more than I realized!

Guatemala July 2011

Teenager #2 in Guatemala

Teenager #2's  -  16th birthday party!

Teenager # 2  with her little friends in Guatemala